Shifting sands

Funny that it was just ten years ago that I created my first mosaic.  Seems like so many more years than ten.

Maybe its because I have so many significant life moments happening at once.

My real estate work creates every day events.

At this time of year, the gardens require every day activity.

My relationship with Stephen requires an every day investment of connectivity.

My relationships with family and requisite attention to them can be consuming.

There are the daily tasks.  The housekeeper is sick so I’ll be cleaning house the next few days.  Sounds a little rote and silly, but its something that has to happen and it has to be fit into the day somehow.  So does dealing with the broken ac unit and the concrete pad that’s to be poured.  etc.

I have a friend who prefers to not sleep.  I, on the other hand, look forward to retiring between 9:00-9:30 whenever possible, so I can rise at 5:30 to begin my day.  My daily regeneration is much stronger with rest.  My physical health is important to me and something I also work at every day, diet and exercise have become a sort of “other” job.

And then there is my art and it gets pushed aside.  The work that goes on in my head rarely stops for long, though.  In between the noise of everything else above, there is creative thinking time.  I make it happen because its important and necessary for my health.

My best creative work is the work that relates to my personal growth and the paths I take.  I tend to work best in series anymore.

Currently, I am working on two series coincidentally.



I’m interested in textures, specifically natural textures.  Textures of and on wood are rich and powerful. Wood decays and changes its value, and with its decay it often serves as a parasitic host.  And what beautiful parasites it can host!

The natural evolution of our world… good stuff.





Lately, I have dipped my toes into another series, one of shifting sands.  I spend only two weeks at Ocracoke, NC each Fall, but those two weeks have become an annual regeneration of my soul.  I always arrive in need of rest and renewal, but within days I am wide awake and aware.  There’s something about life around the water that sweeps me away into myself and out into the world, all at the same time.  Several years ago (six! how is that possible?), I began seeing the years captured by the sand and made a couple of pieces expressing those initial thoughts.






I’m taking it a step further and considering the way the sands are constant while fleeting, always shifting.  These two pieces are the beginning and these are not yet professionally photographed.  I’ll call them Shifting Sands 1 & 2 for the moment…

Shifting Sands 1

Shifting Sands 1 (for now) ; 12″ x 12″. smalti and millefiori; 2015

Shifting Sands 2, 2015; 12" x 24", smalti and cosmos

Shifting Sands 2, 2015; 12″ x 24″, smalti and cosmos









2 thoughts on “Shifting sands

  1. Pam Goode

    Each action, each experience, grows us in every area of our lives. So yes, you are making art every minute. Input is as valuable as output. Love Shifting Sands 2!


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