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December 2016 – a new direction

Very sorry about the way of the 2016 Presidential election, in fact, still reeling in disbelief.  The only positive for me personally is that I retreated to the studio and found new energy.  The first results follow. (for sale at C’ville Arts Gallery)

“Untitled 11-9-16″ … 8.5″ x 6.5”, mixed glass, ceramic, stones

“Untitled, 11-10-16″ … 8.5″ x 6.5”, granite and marble

“Untitled 11-11-16″ … 8.5″ x 6.5”, smalti and antique glass

“Untitled 11-12-16″ … 8.5″ x 6.5”, marble, granite, glass

The following piece, the first in the Shifting Sands series, has sold.

SHIFTING SANDS 1, 2015 — 12″ x 12″, smalti and millefiori

Now, energized, I have been experimenting with materials and technique.  I created the following piece for an upcoming auction of small mosaic works supporting Doctors Without Borders.

“Swish” — 8.5″ x 6.5″, smalti and paua shell

The next piece in the same vein, also available for sale at C’ville Arts Gallery.

“Gathered” — smalti and paua shell

A December 2015 Update

Finally had my only three 2015 pieces photographed…. BLUE RIDGE FALL will ship to its new owners on Monday.  Stained glass, 12″ x 18″             SHIFTING SANDS 1, smalti and millefiori, 12″ x 12″… Next piece will be 1A, as I haven’t finished with this thought yet.  I am pondering […]


Itty Bitty Pieces of Stained Glass

Artists who choose to work in mosaic do so for a myriad of personal reasons, but one reason will be shared by each — the selection, placement, and resulting combination of individual materials on a substrate provides the artist and viewer with a sensory experience unlike any other art form.  Many artists working in mosaic […]


Input versus Output

In my post yesterday I mentioned that I am always taking in the images, sounds and impressions of my life, regardless of the noise.  My life and your life, these are our personal beings and the spaces we embody.  As I was just writing, I noticed the fluttering of trees outside my window, so I […]


Shifting sands

Funny that it was just ten years ago that I created my first mosaic.  Seems like so many more years than ten. Maybe its because I have so many significant life moments happening at once. My real estate work creates every day events. At this time of year, the gardens require every day activity. My relationship with […]


Still Drifting into Focus

Some ten years ago, I began creating structural elements for a tropical garden in Mexico.  At the time, there was all sorts of emotional upheaval in my life…  My mother was now in her fourth year with Alzheimers, my father was looking for the unattainable silver bullet, my husband’s mother had died suddenly with a pulmonary […]